Welcome to Qi Dragon Abdominal Self Healing Routine Series- Abdominal Sound Healing aka Internal Organ Massage!

Our abdomen could be considered as our second brain where we store our emotions and memories. From ancient times, there have been practices in all traditions developed to make sure our abdomen is cleared of congestion and has optimal Qi flow for both healing and prevention of diseases. According to the Chinese Five Element Theory, sound is associated with our vital organs and can be used to heal the emotions and energy of our organs and enhance the health of our abdomen.

Join us for a sound bath for your abdomen through Heavenly Essence Qigong’s Six Healing Sounds or Liu Zi Jue dynamic Qigong exercises as well as an abdominal sound healing massage routine that used to be our clinic's signature service and now will be offered to you as a home self care tool that will benefit you for years to come.

Prepare your massage oil, pillow and warm blanket for your comfort during the lying down abdominal sessions. Great for both beginners and experienced practitioners! 

What makes this workshop extra special is that Dr. Zhu organizes the group Qi field and conducts the abdominal sessions as a guided meditation for an enhanced healing effect!

Even if you have learned this routine before, you will receive great benefit by practicing in the live group energy field.

Feedback from participants from our Abdominal Healing Routines:

"I loved the experience. To recap my experience as a newcomer to this style of healing - very calming, relaxing, so much so that I may have fallen asleep. I enjoyed the meditative guidance, and the focus on the belly area, and learning and feeling how everything is interconnected physically and emotionally. I feel lighter and energized, like I breathed some sunshine into my organs. Thank you Liping and Phyllis for the tremendous gift!" --Deanna S.

"I have been suffering from constipation and lack of sleep for months. I believe the stomach practice is beneficial for me spiritually and physically. 

My stomach was gurgling a little Wednesday night. This morning (Thursday) I did not feel well and sure enough, surprised and pleased to eliminate loose stool. Then more. The congestion has started to clear! Thank you for this practice!"

"By taking this course and practicing each night, I have slept so peacefully and I do not get up in the middle of the night."

"Amazing sleep last night! Was able to fall asleep without my medication. Even though I woke up in the middle of the night, I quickly fell back asleep when I did the belly massage in my mind."

"These sessions have been so meaningful all week. Thank you so very much for sharing this healing practice with us.

Last night, I fell asleep for a nap and slept all the way through to morning.

This belly work is making such a difference in my sleep!"