Learn three gentle and simple ways to circulate your Qi and Blood, stretch your tendons and ligaments and calm your mind.

Very little space is needed for these exercises.

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The three recordings of verbal instructions are not downloadable.

Course Curriculum

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Warmup Routines (DVD Version plus bonus materials*)

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Routine 1: Taichi Warm-ups  太极热身

This routine includes rotations of all your joints and stretches of all your ligaments and tendons. Simple, easy to follow and gentle on body!

Routine 2: Taichi Basic Movements 六合八法基本功

This routine includes individual basic movements that are the building blocks of Taichi. 108 times of each one is ideal!

Routine 3: True Qi Circulation Method 真气运行法

This routine includes Grandmaster Yun Yinsen's health practice of inner Qi circulation that is a gentlest but powerful way of keeping your Qi and blood circulation.

Golden Gate Park Sunday

Walking Gong Workshop at Glen Park

Swimming Dragons at Gruenwald Press