Prerequisite: None

This Live Online Workshop will focus on learning the Taiyi Swimming Dragon Walking Gong or Xing Bu Gong in details.

Swimming Dragon Walking Gong style incorporates walking with Taichi like stretching moves and makes walking and stretching more fun and joyful.

It has 4 Sections and each section emphasizes stretching of different parts of the body. Each forward and backward steps can be repeated as many times as you like.

Compared to Swimming Dragon Taichi, Xing Bu Gong is much simpler and even more suitable for beginners and good for all ages.


Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac.

Date: July 12-30, 2021 7:30am - 8:45am (No class on weekends) The swimming dragon walking gong teaching part will be recorded for post class viewing until August 31, 2021.

no class on weekends

Class Structure:

7:30am - 8am Taichi Warmup Routine

8am - 8:45am Walking Gong

Step by Step Study First two weeks

Refining and Practicing Walking Gong

Introduction of Qin Quan Walking Practices in the last week.

Imagine you will be able to do this beautiful walking form after 3 week study of details! For those who took this Walking Gong workshop before 2018, this will be your opportunity to learn the most updated version.

For the first time Swimming Dragon Walking Gong student, the first 20 signups will have a valid coupon for $25 off. Coupon code "EARLYBIRD"

15-day Swimming Dragon Walking Gong

Daoist Yogic Art of Walking


Retaker of Swimming Dragon Walking Gong

Time for polishing your form and practicing with a group

Tassajara Walking Gong Retreat by Dr. Liping Zhu

@2015 Tassajara, Carmel Valley

Qi Dragon Walking Gong Workshop with Master Shawn Yu

@SF Glen Park 2018

Mrs Yu was teaching Qi Dragon group in 2015

@SF Golden Gate Park

A Peek of Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Section 1

This family style Walking Gong is fun and graceful and integrates stretching movements into walking.