Names of Taiyi Swimming Dragon Form II

Form I: (First 4 moves are added to Form II as an opening of the second form when you do Form II as an individual form.)

1.    卧龙伸筋 Sleeping Dragon Awakens & Stretches

2.    道袖双舒 Sleeves of the Daoist Unfold

3.    无量天尊 Immeasurably Powerful God

4.    白猿献果 White Monkey Presents Fruit

Form II: (Repeat Form I Moves 1-4 when performing Form II by itself)

21.  游龙戏水 Swimming Dragon Plays with the Water

22.  隔窗吹灯 Blowing out a Lamp through the Window

23.  海底捞针 Fishing for a Needle at the Bottom of the Sea

24.  霸王举鼎 Bawang Raises an Incense Burner

25.  朝天擎香 Holding a Stick of Incense up to the Sky

26.  铁门双开 Pushing the Iron Gate Open

27.  双龙戏球 Two Dragons Play with a Ball

28.  童子抱琴 Daoist Boy Holds a Zither in his Arms

29.  青龙撅尾 Green Dragon Raises its Tail

30.  灵猴偷桃 Nimble Monkey Steals a Peach

31.  旋转乾坤 Revolving Heaven & Earth

32.  回身射箭 Turning Backwards to Shoot an Arrow

33.  推窗望月 Opening a Window to Watch the Moon

34.  仙鹤伸腿 Immortal Crane Stretches its Leg

35.  流星赶月 Shooting Star Chases the Moon

36.  盘龙卧虎 Coiling Dragon & Crouching Tiger

37.  顶天立地 Standing on Earth & Touching Heaven

38.  蛟龙转身 Powerful Dragon Turns its Body

39.  乌龙摆尾 Black Dragon Swings its Tail

40.  白猿献果 White Monkey Presents Fruit

Closing Moves: (Add Form III Moves 59-60) when performing Form II by itself. or start the reverse side of Form II and presenting fruit to the right side to start.)

59.  老道理须 Old Daoist Priest Grooms his Beard

60.  金液还丹 Swallowing the Golden Saliva to Dantian