Special discount code for Taichi outfit

Dear Taichi Students:

Upon request, Qi Dragon students are granted an extra 10% off with the coupon code "lpz119" on top of any regular promotional offers available on the site. Just enter your exclusive code: "lpz119" at checkout payment page to redeem the extra 10% discount. There are some promotions/sales going on right now till the end of October.

The website to order your Taichi outfit is: https://www.chineseclothingonline.com/index.php?cPath=86_223&name=Ready-made+Taichi+%26+Kung+Fu+Uniforms

This is the velvet winter wear in Maroon color that i have: https://www.chineseclothingonline.com/product_info.php?pID=4106&model=JW-TJF-15-mrn&name=Professional+Taichi+Kungfu+Uniform+with+Pants+-+Velvet+-+Maroon+%28RM%29

and I have another color Rusty Red too.

This is the cotton silk material one that I have: https://www.chineseclothingonline.com/product_info.php?pID=4092&model=JW-TJF-13-dkred&name=Professional+Taichi+Kungfu+Uniform+with+Pants+-+Cotton%2FSilk+-+Dark+Red+%28RM%29

For your reference: I am 5'3'' and I wear woman M size. Philip is 5'10" and he wears man L size. The website should have size guide too.

We also have a few sets of Bright Yellow Swimming Dragon Official Taichi Outfit ($90 plus domestic shipping fee $15) made of milk silk fabric. First come, first serve! Please email us with your height and we will confirm before you paypal us. Here is Qi Dragon Paypal for payment: paypal.me/qidragon

Here are the sizes of Yellow Swimming Dragon Official Taichi Outfit we have available:

One XXS (150-155cm)

One XS (156-162cm)

One S (163cm-168cm)

Two M (168-175cm)

One XLarge (180-185cm)

We also have one turquiose color polyester Taichi outfit available for the size 159-164cm. Price $50 plus shipping.

Happy Shopping and enjoy doing your Taichi with a Taichi outfit!