Names of Swimming Dragon Taichi Form III as an individual form

Form I: (First 4 moves are added to Form III as an introductory opening of the third form when you do Form III as an individual form.)

1.    卧龙伸筋 Sleeping Dragon Awakens & Stretches

2.   道袖双舒 Sleeves of the Daoist Unfold

3.   无量天尊 Immeasurably Powerful God

4.   白猿献果 White Monkey Presents Fruit

Form III:  第三段 (In the long Swimming Dragon Form, Form III is Moves 41-60)

1.  万念归一 All Ideas Become One

2.  仰敬天神 Looking up & Worshipping God

3.  俯拜地灵 Bowing down & Worshipping the Earth Spirit

4.  羽化登天 Enlightened Being Ascends to Heaven

5.  化气入丹 Transferring Qi into Dantian

6.  倒脱朝靴 Taking off the Royal Shoes upside down

7.  太子金锤 The Prince’s Golden Hammers

8.  立身射箭 Standing Up to Shoot an Arrow

9.  平分秋色 Having Equal Shares of the Autumn Scenery

10.  无量天尊 Immeasurably Powerful God

11.  黄龙入洞 Yellow Dragon Enters a Cave

12.  燕子斜飞 Swallow Flies Aslant

13.  青龙出海 Green Dragon Emerges from the Sea

14.  南山探宝 Seeking Treasures in the Southern Mountain

15.  雄鹰扑食 Brave Eagle Pounces on its Prey

16.  金鸡独立 Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

17.  催马敬酒 Whipping the Horse & Making a Toast

18.  道童撞钟 Daoist Child Tolls a Bell

19.  老道理须 Old Daoist Priest Grooms his Beard

20.  金液还丹 Swallowing the Golden Saliva to Dantian