Qigong Formal Study Level 1 Part I - Life Preservation Qigong

Our Qigong CD has now expanded to a full collection of audio/video files of the three main dynamic Qigong exercises from the Heavenly Essence Qigong system.

Exercise 1: Life Preserving Sword Finger Stance

Exercise 2: Moving Like a Pupa & Filling Qi into the Body

Exercise 3: Shaking Qigong

Taking our Qigong Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I - Life Preservation Qigong instructional course is required before you attempt doing these practices on your own or with the music.

Practicing your daily Qigong with this music helps you tapping into the Qi field.

Have you ever wished for a complete collection of Dynamic Qigong practice materials? Now we are making it possible!

The CD audio files in this course are downloadable. Unlimited access to the videos after you enroll.


3 Dynamic Qigong Music & Video

a full collection