Deepen your daily Qigong Practice and Rekindle your passion for self cultivation!

An intensive practice period is a good way to get reminded of your daily focus and intention.

If you miss the group Qi field practice or feel challenged with self discipline for a daily practice, we are here to offer you this special support and practice opportunity to start a healthy New Year!


Heavenly Essence Qigong Formal Study Level 1 Part I - Life Preservation Qigong

You may concurrently enroll in the prerequisite course Level 1 Part I with this 108 Daily Practice.


7:00am - 8:00am (Pacific Time)


Extended 3 Dynamic Qigong (20min Sword Finger Stance, 15min Shaking Qigong)

Please feel free to modify your posture for the extended length of practice if it feels too much for your body. Let your body get stronger day by day and start doing the full practice with ease.

For the days that you are missing the live Zoom group practice, please practice on your own to keep the commitment to practice. ​The 3 Dynamic Qigong audio files will be accessible online in your course curriculum during this period.​ It is recommended that you do a shorter practice when you are too busy but not to skip a day!

A daily practice is the biggest New Year gift you can give to yourself.

Practice makes perfect!