Deepen your daily Qigong Practice and Rekindle your passion for self cultivation!

An intensive practice period is a good way to get reminded of your daily focus and intention.

If you miss the group Qi field practice or feel challenged with self discipline for a daily practice, we are here to offer you this special support and practice opportunity again this year.

For those who are intending to participate in the 10-day Bi Gu Retreat, this event is highly recommended as a preparation training. This One Month Daily Qigong event will be automatically added into the 10-day Bi Gu Online Retreat enrollment as a bonus.


Heavenly Essence Qigong Formal Study Level 1 Part I - Life Preservation Qigong

If you haven't done the prerequisite, please enroll in the distant learning course Level 1 Part I as well as this practice course.


(Partial attendance is allowed for this event)

7am - 7:45am Chanting & Nourishing Qi & Healing Meditation

7:45am - 8:45am Extended 3 Dynamic Qigong

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A daily practice is the biggest gift you can give to yourself!

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