Monday Night Qigong Schedule and Contents

This is a Qi Dragon online Heavenly Essence Qigong group practice platform. Enjoy practicing in a great group Qi healing field with like-minded people that supports your discipline and deepens your healing!

This practice is for existing HE Qigong students only. You either have completed or you are in the midst of your study of Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong. If you subscribed for this course but have never taken our formal study instructional course before, we will unenroll you and refund your subscription for now. You may subscribe again once you are enrolled in the Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong course.

Led by Dr.Liping Zhu or a substitute when Dr. Zhu is away

6:30-8:30pm PST

Part I: 6:30pm Extended 3 Dynamic Qigong Practices:

10min Shaking Qigong

Moving like a Pupa

20min Sword Finger Stance (feel free to modify)

Bathroom break for 10min after dynamic Qigong

Part II: 7:45pm healing Meditation (25-30min)

Part III: Study of Qigong Meditation or discussion (20-30min)

Thank you for your continuous practice!

Qi Dragon

p.s. Starting in 2021, we are studying Dr Yang, Jwing-ming's Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing book:

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