Monday Night Qigong Schedule and Contents

This is a Qi Dragon online Heavenly Essence Qigong group practice platform. Enjoy practicing in a great group Qi healing field with like-minded people that supports your discipline and deepens your healing!

Led by Dr.Liping Zhu or a substitute when Dr. Zhu is away

6:30-8:30pm PST

Part I: 6:30pm Extended 3 Dynamic Qigong Practices:

10min Shaking Qigong

Moving like a Pupa

20min Sword Finger Stance (feel free to modify)

Bathroom break for 10min after dynamic Qigong

Part II: 7:45pm healing Meditation (25-30min)

Part III: Study of Qigong Meditation or discussion (20-30min)

Thank you for your continuous practice!

Qi Dragon

p.s. Starting in 2021, we are studying Dr Yang, Jwing-ming's Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing book: