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Upcoming Featured Live Online Events

Qigong Formal Study

--A Live Zoom workshop offered by San Francisco Zen Center and taught by Dr. Liping Zhu

Heavenly Essence Qigong for Life Preservation

-" Nine Marvelous Qigong Methods"

Saturday and Sunday, April 10 &11, 9 am – noon PT

Saturday and Sunday, April 17 &18, 9 am – noon PT

Qigong (Chi Kung), an ancient Chinese healing and spiritual art, is widely known for its health benefits and spiritual empowerment. Heavenly Essence Qigong combines movement, meditation, and breathing to regulate and enhance the flow of the body’s Qi or vital energy, strengthen the immune system, and calm the mind. This Qigong Formal Study workshop will teach you the fundamental Qigong theories and the Nine Marvelous Qigong Methods of the Heavenly Essence Qigong System on how to cultivate your Qi for your health when you are sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. Great training for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Live Zoom Participation Only (no video recording available for post-workshop viewing).

This is a live online workshop organized by San Francisco Zen Center. All registration questions need to be directed to Zen Center. Here is the registration page link.

"Qigong and Taichi have transformed my life forever."

"I first met Liping at Tassajara, and I knew immediately that this was someone with whom I wanted to study. Her soft, bright, and clear demeanor radiated joy, compassion, and an inner calm that was palpable.

Liping is a gifted and dedicated teacher, a true healer, and a deep source of the wisdom traditions of ancient China. She is tireless worker, always working for the benefit of others."

- Steve Brock, photographer/musician

"When Liping inserted her first needle at one of my feet, I literally felt my body opening like a flower and the session released something very deep and left me profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated."
—Linda H

Hi, I’m Liping, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and founder of Qi Dragon Healing Center and Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute. I have been practicing acupuncture and healing for more than 15 years and I am a disciple of both the Heavenly Essence Qigong and Taiyi Swimming Dragon Taichi lineages and have brought these unique Chinese healing, longevity and spiritual arts to the west over the past 20+ years.

Qi Dragon Acupuncture Clinic serves our new Humboldt community of Eureka and Fortuna. Qi Dragon School offers online distant learning, live online or live in-person courses. Our goal is to bring health, hope, joy and strength to your life.

I am looking forward to accompanying you on your new journey of healing, learning and sharing with you my passion for Qigong, Taichi and Chinese Medicine.

Deep bows to all my Masters who shared their wisdom and knowledge with me and to all my patients and students over the years who supported and believed in my healing work and what I teach.

Daoist Longevity Healing Art - Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan

Watch Youtube Swimming Dragon Taichi Form I demonstrated by Dr. Liping Zhu

and a group practice video below

Heavenly Essence Qigong

Formal Study Courses of

Qigong Level 1 Part I, II, III

Qigong Level 2 Part I, II, III

Qigong Level 3

Qigong Level 4

Qigong Comprehensive Guide

Esoteric Qigong Meditation Techniques

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Taichi & Internal Martial Art

Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Lineage

  1. Swimming Dragon Taichi
  2. Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong
  3. Swimming Dragon Sword
  4. Taichi Qigong Warm-up Routines

Qin Quan System

Qin Quan Individual Exercises

Qin Quan Partner Training

Chinese Medicine &
Te Yi Medical Qigong
  1. Acupuncture/Acupressure
  2. Chinese Medicine & Dietary Healing
  3. Te Yi Medical Qigong
  4. Abdominal Qi Healing
  5. Abdominal Sound Healing
  6. Abdominal Breath Healing